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The art of reconciling with your body and food.

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With a passion for food, I studied in Montpellier and I am qualified in cooking (CAP) and dietetics/nutrition (BTS).

I'm specialised in Sports nutrition (DU Nutrition et activités physiques et sportives) and vegetarian or vegan alimentation (as I'm a cook in a vegetarian restaurant).

I want to help and give people the desire to take care of themselves.

I fight against eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, …)

I am against draconian diets who prohibit and frustrate more than anything, physically and mentally.

You shouldn't control, calculate everything, life’s already hard enough.

Eating should be a pleasure, a good and relaxing moment.


For further informations...

Honey, plants, health, sport, digestion...


Here I'll talk to you about everything that interest me and that I want to share with you, recipes, advices, ...

My first consultation


Establish your current situation (diet, activity, health, lifestyle, weight, sleeping patterns, tastes, ...)

Decide together our goals and establish a personalized nutritional program.

I will give you some documents and tips adapted to your needs.

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