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Food allergy and intolerance

Irritable bowel syndrom



Nutrition and sports

Eating disorders



Small introduction

Originally from Norway, I studied dietetics in France, in Montpellier.

Passionate about cooking since my childhood, I have developed a dexterity in using my senses to create unique flavors that require contact with nature. Picking the product directly at its source to sublimate it into a tasty and beautiful dish.

It seems obvious that I finally turned to the profession of cook and the practice of dietetics.


As a dietician, I have a holistic vision of the human being (global and processual support).

Following my initial training, I specialized in sports dietetics, in the management of eating disorders as well as in psycho-behavioral dietetics and micronutrition. I continue to train regularly, committed to research in this field.


Attentive to the perception of each person, to the demand and to the needs, I help the person to listen to themself and to respect themself by taking care.

My practice implies a process that requires a global consideration with a case by case analysis. I therefore propose a tailor-made recipe.


Creative and loving to investigate, I work with you to propose an adapted follow-up.

For example, I will work with the person to understand why he or she has developed an eating disorder.  In this way, I help them find their solution. In other words, I help them regain confidence in their body and regain more cognitive and behavioral freedom.


My coaching is done in several steps, allowing a progressive access to the final objective initially evaluated.  I then propose different playful and motivating tools according to the programmed steps and the temporality of each person.


Involved in a activist collective against sexist and sexual violence, I consider that care is also conscious of male domination and therefore of the general grossophobia. This societal construction has a significant impact on the health problems of dominated people, especially in dietetic care.


My goal is to be gentle and positive enough to accompany you in the best possible way, without ever generating guilt.

I welcome in my office any person presenting health problems related to food such as irritable bowel syndrome, eating disorders, etc...; any person wishing to have a more vegetable and environmentally friendly diet, amateur or professional athletes, etc...


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