Passionnée d'alimentation depuis mon plus jeune âge...


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Nutrition and sports

Eating disorders

Weight loss


Small introduction

With a passion for food, I studied in Montpellier and I am qualified in cooking (CAP Cuisine) and dietetics/nutrition (BTS Diététique).

I'm specialised in sports nutrition (DU Nutrition et activités physiques et sportives) and in vegetarian or vegan alimentation (as I'm a cook in a vegetarian restaurant).

I want to help and give people the desire to take care of themselves.

I fight against eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, …)

I am against draconian diets who prohibit and frustrate more than anything, physically and mentally.

You should not control, calculate everything, life’s already hard enough.

Eating should be a pleasure, a good and relaxing moment.


Why dietetitian-nutritionist?

A dietetitian is a professional with a diploma, in France it’s two years of studies, BTS or DUT.

A nutritionist is interested in nutrition and got (or not sometimes) a specific training, more or less advanced.

A doctor, surgeon, fitness coach or any other health professionals can be a nutritionist.


Dietetics or nutrition always evolve.

Every month new studies get out.

It’s important to differ proved studies worthy to be considered and unfinished studies or studies that are still not completely proven.

Dietetics is not an exact science; every individual has unique needs and the science adapts to everybody.

It’s a science that grows and evolves every day.